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IDMT has a long track record in organising tailor-made trainings. At the request of institutions, development projects, governments or donors, all the training programmes offered by IDMTraining can be delivered in your country, at venues of your choice, at any time and adapted to your specific needs. The total budget varies according to the length, number of trainers and incidental expenses. It is a package, which allows you to train the maximum number of people at the least cost.

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Assistance in defining a tailor-made training

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All our training programmes can be customised to suit your institutional needs.

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Drawing up of the terms of reference:

The training provider can only produce a suitable training course solution if you provide a certain amount of information.

To do so, please complete the order form which will enable us to become familiar with the outlines of the requested training course. A training adviser will promptly contact you to clarify or validate the request, thus enabling us to send you a technical and financial proposal.

1. Identify the public:

  • ​Specify the characteristics of the training course participants: what jobs do they have? what responsibilities do they have? what is their level in relation to the training subject? how many are they?

2. Define the training course objectives:

  • State why this training course has been considered.
  • Determine what the attendees should be able to perform in a work situation after having participated in the training activity.
  • It is on the basis of these performance objectives that the trainers will be able to draw up the teaching objectives.

3. Describe the outlines of the training course content:

  • Define the main subjects and topics to be addressed so as to be certain that they will be dealt with.
  • Do not draw up an exhaustive list or predefine the training programme (this will be done by the training provider).

4. Methods, location, time:

  • we will mention the main constraints to be considered in order to carry out the training activity. It is only when these constraints are decisive for the quality of the training activity that the following will be indicated:
  • the duration of the training course; o the period during which the training course is carried out;
  • the desired teaching organisation method (block release training, continuous training, action learning, travelling seminar, assisted self-training, etc.);
  • the type of teaching material or equipment to be used;
  • the desired trainer’s profile.

Technical Assistance

Building on our experience on the ground, our in-depth knowledge of local realities and our expertise in Project Management, Financial Management, Public Sector Management, Human Resource Management, Gender Development, Administration, ICT, Health and Environment, Oil and Energy and Public Procurement & Logistics, we carry out more and more technical support missions every year.

By invitation or tender, public institutions, governments and donors give us short or long-term mandates to intervene as experts. Our pragmatic and results-oriented approach has enabled us to succeed in our technical assistance missions to the satisfaction of our clients, donors and beneficiaries.

Our interventions are varied and can take many forms: Tailor-made and adapted training programmes, Advice, Coaching, Project management and Technical assistance.

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