Rural Energy Planning & Management  (WGE01)

18 – 29 Jan | 03 – 14 May  | 06 – 17 Sep 2021

Rural Energy Planning & Management – Electricity is an indispensable requirement for all activities of human life. It has been recognized as a basic human need and a critical infrastructure on which the socioeconomic development of an economy depends. Rural Electrification is viewed as a prime mover for rural development and the basic pre-requisite for all industrial activities besides contributing significantly to increase agricultural productivity, creating employment and income generation. However, distribution of electricity to rural areas through grid connectivity is more complex by virtue of its nature as it involves high cost & technical losses, besides, demand are very low and scattered. In these circumstances, decentralized generation and distribution is the convenient mode for supply of electricity to remote and far-flung rural areas. In recent times, attempt has been made to harness and manage the distribution of electricity at local level with people’s participation for adequate distribution at affordable prices.

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