Human Resources Development & Personnel Management (HRM07)

18 – 29 Jan | 17 – 28 May | 13 – 24 Sep 2021

The out of date approach says that Human Resources Development is visible and controlling, requiring the rest of the organisation to follow policies developed within the Human Resources function. The up to date approach is that HR facilitates and supports assisting the management team in efforts to improve productivity and commitment. Human Resources is at the centre of change but change is handled by and through the management team. In this way change is more effective and longer lasting.

However, this approach requires a new type of HR function with new practices and a series of new skills within the HR team. This Human Resources Development & Personnel Management prgramme will give you the confidence to develop a new sort of Human Resources function; show you a new approach and help you with learning the new practices and skills.

The challenge for how HR contributes to the business will demand a major rethink by the HR managers and staff and then equally as important how to measure that contribution.